“Inverno Caldo“ is a brand founded with a single mission- to bring fur back to the pedestal of fashion industry and with a single vision- to realize it in such a way so that it becomes an affordable luxury.

We may proudly say that it took us less than a year to achieve both assigned goals, two years to become leaders on the fashion stage of the Balkans and three years to extend our mission to the EU member states and the rest of the world.

Only a few months after the opening of our first shop, we became recognized as the leading brand for the items made of fur in all the relevant categories- design, premium quality and manufacture, but also as the best brand when it comes to the matter of price-quality relationship. Thanks to this, we have become the market leaders in Serbia within our field of activity, thus obtaining a position higher above other both home-made and foreign brands which had been in business for decades before us.

“Inverno Caldo“ has, ever since its foundation up to this day, become and remained the first choice of buyers, celebrities, VIP clients, fashion bloggers and fashion editors in all the influential magazines. Our first fashion show took place at the 40th anniversary of Belgrade „Fashion Week“, on November 2nd, 2016 in „Metropol Palace“ hotel and it gathered numerous fashion admirers and also recorded an unprecedented interest of both celebrities and the media in both Serbia and the region.

The information age in which we live has made us famous not only at home, but also abroad. The requests for delivery and online shopping are on the increase on daily basis, and there have been many cases when clients from the region have visited Belgrade for a day only in order to buy some of the products from our product range. That has set our new mission, which is to make our products available not only to the people in Serbia, but to all people living in the neighbouring countries and finally to all potential clients all over the world. At this moment, we provide home delivery for our loyal clients in Serbia and we intend to make this a standard for the entire world in the forthcoming period.

“Inverno Caldo“ fur coats are made from first-class mink fur, sable fur, chinchilla fur, fox fur, astrakhan fur and the finest lamb leather and fur including the details from python leather sewn with the highest precision and care for details and designed in a way to meet the highest aesthetical standards of fashion admirers. Wishing to satisfy all the tastes, since 2017/18 season, we have designed a collection made from cashmere which has immediately won our customers’ hearts. Since 2018/19 season within our product range, one can find leather jackets and leather footwear, as well. For this reason we believe that we can bring a new value to each of the world markets and currently we are in the phase of expanding the company which will lead us towards that goal.

Apart from our “flagship“ shop in the BIG shopping centre in Belgrade, which gathered a considerable number of clients and media at the opening-date ceremony, in October 2018 we also opened a shop in the downtown of Vienna, within a district where other shops of world’s most famous fashion brands are also located and in November, 2018 another exclusive point of sale was opened in Novi Sad within the Promenada shopping centre.

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