“Inverno Caldo” was founded with one mission – to reinvent and reinstate fur in a fashion market, and one vision – to do that in a way that it is an affordable luxury.

We are proud to say that it took us less than a year to achieve both of our goals, two years to become a regional leader in the market and three years to broaden our influence and business to the entire world.

In just a few months since we opened our first store, we became recognized as the leading brand of fur coats in all the most important categories – design, quality of materials and production and value for money. Thanks to that, during a short amount of time, we also became the most looked for brand on the internet and the most mentioned brand in social media which, altogether, made us a leader on the market in Serbia in our branch and put us in front of domestic and foreign brands that were there decades before us.

“Inverno Caldo” is at this moment the first choice of customers, celebrities, fashion bloggers and fashion editors in all influential magazines. Our fashion show on 40th Belgrade Fashion Week held on  2.11.2016. in Metropol Palace Hotel took an unprecedented attention of fashion lovers, celebrities and media in entire region. Our second fashion show that took place in hotel “Hilton” in Belgrade on 15.10.2018. was unanimously pronounced by media representatives to be the event of the year in the region.

The era of information in which we live made us recognized not only in our country but also abroad. The requests for shipping and buying online are increasing on a daily base and there are customers from a region who took a trip to Belgrade just to visit our store and buy fur coats. That gave us a new mission – to make our products available not only for people in Serbia, but for those who live in a region and finally for all the customers worldwide.

“Inverno Caldo” products are made of first class mink, fox and lamb fur, cashmere and other luxurious materials crafted with utmost precision and quality and designed so that they could satisfy customers with the finest taste in fashion. That is why we firmly believe that we could bring a new value to every market in the world. We are currently in an expanding phase that is leading us to that.

We are pleased to inform you that few days ago our shop opened in the center of Vienna, the district where are the shops of the shops of the most famous fashion brands in the world. And for the third year in a row you can visit us at our shop in Arena Centar mall in Zagreb.
There, we continue to spread our mission.